Dental Experts
What We Do
Dental Experts is more than a name - it's who we are. At Dental Experts, we are a team of passionate dental professionals committed to serving the dental community. We take pride in getting to know our team and the practices we work with so we can connect them with the right professionals who share their values and work ethic. We recognize the importance of understanding dentistry and your unique needs, and we value our employees as colleagues who contribute to our success. We work with dental practices of all sizes to address their staffing needs, offering a wide range of dental professionals including dental assistants, hygienists, administrative staff, dentists, and therapists. Our staffing services cover a variety of situations, from last-minute illnesses and jury duty to long-term support during medical leave or times of transition. We prioritize the satisfaction of our clients and team, going above and beyond to exceed expectations in every aspect of our work.
Recruiting, Staffing