Dreve America
What We Do
Dreve America Corporation was established in Eden Prairie, MN in 2009 as a remote distribution point for the supply of Dreve Otoplastik products to the hearing market and in 2016 for Dentamid products to the dental health market in the United States.  Dreve America has a unique full service center, product supply, and equipment repair services for our US based marketplace. Led by innovative German engineered medical products, our goal is to connect you to a global leader. We are a distributor of dental materials that are manufactured by our parent company in Germany, Dreve with over 70 years of expertise. These include impression material, duplication material, gingival masks, 3D printer resins, thermoforming plastics for aligners, retainers, nightguards, sports guards and devices such as boil-out unit, curing units, duplication dispenser. We also offer the Phrozen Sonic XL 4K 2022 qualified by Dreve, so we now provide the full workflow starting from the slicing software, printer, resin, ultrasonic cleaner, and the curing unit to create the final product. Come visit our booth (547) and check out our new products; the PCU vario curing unit, FotoWash unit, and resins. 
Curing, Ultrasonics, Mouth Guards, Resins, CAD/CAM Systems