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Remember This! The Science of Learning and Memory 283
Constant change means constant learning. Learn how to learn and remember in this practical session grounded in science. Improve your ability to learn and grow. This is one session you will not forget!
Gentle Yoga for Dental Practitioners 252
Join us for a gentle exploration of mindfulness and yoga stretches to restore and balance the demands of practicing dentistry. We will explore brief mindfulness practices and gentle stretches suitable for all levels of practitioners including beginners. The ...
All-on-X: Treatment Considerations for the Edentulous Patient 198
This course will focus on the current and future applications of fixed complete dentures. With this treatment option, there are specific diagnostic and treatment planning considerations that will be discussed. Additionally, the benefits and limitations ...
A Guide to Silver Diamine Fluoride & Nonsurgical Management and Atraumatic Restorative Treatment 178
There has been tremendous interest surrounding the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride from the public, patients and dentists. Learn the principles of case selection, informed consent, treatment planning, and a clinical protocol for SDF. You can restore cavities ...
Cases that Haunt Us: How to React, Rebound and Recover From Clinical Failures 180
Don’t deny it! Admit it! Every one of us has had this happen during your career! The cases that you didn’t read the patient well, didn’t get the proper diagnostic material, didn’t take the time to really listen and see what was appropriate for your patient. Whether ...
From Acceptable to Exceptional: How to Raise Your Team's Performance and Keep Them Engaged 212
This program addresses the challenge of engaging and retaining team members whether you are affected by the shrinking workforce or employee burnout. Satisfy the staffing demands in your practice by attracting talent and bring your current team members from ...
Laying it Down: Create Beautiful Anterior Composite Restorations 201
Scared to tackle anterior composite restorations? Yeah, so was I. Come learn layering techniques to create beautiful restorations and turn yourself into the "Ultimate Cosmetic Dentist." Sponsored By GC America
Orthodontic Education Begins in the Hygiene Chair 203
This course explores the importance of recognizing the need for early orthodontic intervention. For most young patients their main dental experience is routine visits to the dental office for hygiene visits and annual exams. This is a critical time to recognize ...
The Woman Dentist’s Guide to Unburdening Your Load and Flourishing Professionally and Personally 196
Women dentists are taking on the challenge of providing quality care in demanding, rapid-paced clinical environments every day. But their ambition and expertise extend beyond just treating patients. To support their hard work both inside and beyond the ...