Keynote Session: Life, Dentistry and the Pursuit of Happiness 261
Keynote Session: Life, Dentistry and the Pursuit of Happiness
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If your dental career has already provided you with deep fulfillment, unyielding happiness, and a profound sense of purpose, this lecture may not resonate with you. If, however, you've encountered burnout, setbacks and disappointments in dentistry, Dawn wants you to know you are not alone. Join Dawn as she retraces her transformative journey where mindfulness, positive psychology, and neuroscience converged to uncover how cultivating happiness can reshape your dental career, empowering you to overcome challenges and find genuine fulfillment. Harness science-backed tools to rewire your mind and embrace a more joyful and purposeful path in dentistry.

Sponsored By: Dyste Williams

Date & Time
Friday April 26th, 2024 11:00am CDT
End Date & Time
Friday April 26th, 2024 12:00pm CDT
Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Learning Objectives
1.) Understand the link between happiness, well-being, and success in dentistry and recognize the positive impact of cultivating happiness on both personal and professional levels. 2.) Apply evidence-based positive psychology principles to enhance overall happiness and satisfaction. 3.) Implement mindfulness techniques to manage stress, reduce burnout, and improve focus. 4.) Identify strategies for promoting self-care to prevent professional fatigue and maintain long-term happiness in dentistry. 5.) Cultivate a positive work environment and encourage a supportive dental team, enhancing collaboration and well-being among colleagues.
Keynote Session
Dentist, Hygienist, Assistant, Nurse, Dental Technician, Administrative Personnel, Dental Therapist, Student Dentist
Health and Wellness, Practice Management
CEU Credits
1.0 Fundamental CEs
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The Keynote Session is open to all attendees.
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