The Difficult Task of Letting Go 263
The Difficult Task of Letting Go
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This course will be offered as part of the STAR Series.
“Be mindful.” “Be grateful.” “Calm down.” “Let it go!” These commandments are coming at us daily through the marketing of an ever-growing billion-dollar mindfulness industry. They sound so simple when reduced to a few words, but we all know that none of these practices are easy. We are weighed down by our expectations, need to control, bad habits, overthinking, fear of change, fear of failure and countless anchors from our past. They cause chaos in our daily lives and stand in the way of our freedom and happiness. Many of us would choose to let these things go if only those simple sounding commandments came with a definition and clear instructions. In this brief course, I will demystify the 2500-year-old practice of mindfulness and one of its core concepts: letting go. We will discuss what it means to let go, why it’s essential for a happy life and the most important part – how to do it.

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Saturday April 27th, 2024 7:30am CDT
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Saturday April 27th, 2024 8:30am CDT
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Learning Objectives
1.) Understand clinging behavior and its neurobiology 2.) Discuss neuroplasticity and how we can train our brain to adopt new habits 3.) Understand what it means to ‘let go’ and why it’s important 4.) Learn a simple meditation practice that helps builds resilience 5.) Learn strategies to let go of the things that do not serve our pursuit of happiness
Dentist, Hygienist, Assistant, Nurse, Dental Technician, Administrative Personnel, Dental Therapist, Student Dentist
Health and Wellness
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1.0 Elective CEs
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